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Butte County Ghost, Mid Tennessee Paranormal and Paranormal Detection has never asked for payment from our clients, and we never will. Your donations help our group to investigate and stay a free service to anyone who needs our Services.

Do you have an issue you would like us to investigate? Would you like to be a part of the team? Have general questions or just curious?Send us a message on Facebook or through our CONTACT page.

Butte County Ghosts will investigate all concerns of  paranormal events free of charge. ​ 

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​                                 Paranormal Investigations located in Butte County, CA.

Butte County Ghost Investigations are based out of the Magalia, CA. area and have been actively investigating reports of paranormal activity since 2003, making us one of the longest continuously active teams in the field of Paranormal Investigations.

Our teams investigate complaints of haunted locations to assist those who are experiencing what may be a paranormal occurrence. Our teams also investigate ghost stories, urban legends, and reports of ghost sightings. We also conduct investigations and experiments to prove or dis-prove reports of paranormal activity in public areas as well as private residences and businesses.

Our investigators look for actual evidence of the paranormal to determine if a location is haunted. We are seeking genuine evidence and use strict rules when verifying and presenting evidence. Using a scientific approach to investigating the paranormal helps us to insure that evidence is legitimately researched, and analyzed before being presented to the public for review.

Our research will document hard environmental data and take into consideration any human interaction. We will respect and uphold the confidentiality of all of our clients and treat each location with respect. 

All private residence investigations are kept confidential unless prior agreements are made.